TsuboMap™ is the first WebApp which allows you to study all the topics related to the Traditional Chinese Medicine using acupuncture points (tsubo) and energetic meridians. In TsuboMap™ you can view a three-dimensional mannequin (male or female), rotate it 360 degrees and choose the appropriate level to display the tsubo (skin, muscles and bones/organs).
You will also find a catalogue of 134 pre-configured pathologies and the related treatment according to the TCM.
For an improvement of your basic knowledges, you will have the possibility to check out a section with further theoretical details. In this section you will find the underlying concepts of TCM, detailed informations about extraordinary meridians and particular points and some video-tutorials.

With TsuboMap™ you can build an archive of your clients with the possibility to customize your work on the mannequins.
You will create a historical record of your treatments, add notes on the points and perform searches.

According to your studies and experience, you will custom your procedures and share with other Community users throughout a sharing/customizing tool.

TsuboMap™ fits every device (PC, tablet and smartphone) provided with a valid internet connection which uses a latest-generation browser.
The streaming solution allows you to view online (you need to be connected to the Internet) all the contents everywhere and everytime you need, using your computer or another device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) simply with the authentication with your username and password..

TsuboMap™ : your easy pocket app!




1) Traditional Chinese Meridians
- 14 Chinese meridians
- 361 points
- Tsubo tabs with point location, Moxibustion effects, Acupuncture effects, TCM and anatomical details
- Differentiated notes for every client on every tab
- Possibility to search texts inside the points tabs

2) Shiatsu Meridians
- 12 meridians (Japanese extentions)
- Evaluation areas on HARA and on the BACK

3) Pathologies
- 134 pathologies with descriptions, results of TCM, Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Moxibustion
- Every point indicated in the pathologies is directly linked to the mannequin

4) Further details
- TCM theory
- Meridians and relative functions
- Extraordinary meridians
- Particular points
- Video resources
- Glossary and references

5) Custom procedures
- Create and manage your custom procedures (as in the pathologies tabs)
- Link to the points on the mannequin
- Share with the Community
- Write comments about procedures and post in the Community forum

6) Your clients
- List of your clients
- Create and manage client’s data directly on male or female mannequin
- Create and manage the treatment tabs with date, title and text


System requirements

To correctly view and use TsuboMap™ you need:
- an internet connection
- a device (PC, tablet or smartphone) with a valid internet connection
- an updated to the latest version browser (it’s necessary to use Javascript and CSS3).

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