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TsuboMap™ is the first App which allows you to study all the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles applied to acupuncture points (the Tsubo) and energetic meridians.

Price: € 199,90

Promo: 149,00

Valid until December 31st, 2020

Easy access to contents

361 acupoints accessible from every view, 14 Chinese meridians and 12 Shiatsu meridians, Explanatory tabs for every tsubo, Dedicated notes

Maximum versatility of views

2 mannequins (male and female)
Zoom and 360 degrees rotation
3 anatomical levels: skin, muscles and bones/organs

Pathologies and diseases

134 pathologies described according to the Western parameters
Description from the view of TCM
Treatment schemes
Points tracked on the mannequin

Improve your knowledge

Access to specific contents on:
- TCM theory
- Meridians and functions
- Extraordinary meridians
- Particular points
- Video resources
- Glossary and references

Manage your job

...with your clients archive
All your procedures ordered by date,
description and treated points
Direct link on the mannequin
Personal notes on points

Create and share

Create your custom procedures as treatments on uncoded pathologies
and share them in the Community,
in order to discuss them with other operators

Searching made easy

Easy access to all the contents with specific search tools

A single license for all your devices

You can install Tsubomap on your PC, tablet and smartphone, and with the WebApp you can use it online, no installation needed.
All your data will be shared on all your devices, using a single password.

TsuboMap™ brings the revolution in acupuncturist's and academies' work.
Buy a license: you will discover a world of professional benefits.

Why choose PRO version?

Price: € 199,90

Promo: 149,00

Valid until December 31st, 2020

Academies agreements

Are you an Acupuncture institute? Contact us for more informations on our agreements with schools and education agencies.

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© Copyright 2020 - TsuboMap.Com | All rights reserved